Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Has The Torch Been Passed? Matthew and El Shorbagy in Richmond, Virginia

Has a torch been pass├ęd? On a cold March night in Richmond, Virginia Mohammed ElShorbagy beat Nick Matthew at Nick Matthews game. Twenty or so people of fortunate and dedicated squashers in Richmond, they witnessed something truly special, history has happened. 94 minutes. How do you fathom the importance of this? Matthew played his absolute brilliance and Shorbagy weathered it. You just have to marvel at Matthew at 34 years old that he took it to Shorbagy in game 5, but Shorbagy is the new kid on the block; he is the future of professional squash. His mental toughness, his tactics, mentally and squash-wise are nothing short of pure phenomenon. What Matthew showed in this match is what he will always be remembered for. His legacy is sealed. Like every great athlete who posseses something exceptional you just wish it will last forever. Nick Matthew squash will never be equalled. He will go down as one of the top 5 greatest players to ever play this game. This is about the human condition, this is about excellence and the pursuit of truth and beauty, except it's the body, and the body cannot always do what the mind wants it to. Shorbagy showed a determination and ferocity that only someone who in such harsh conditions was born to achieve; he reached his destination. He has been climbing Everest for quite a while, tonight, Everest is within reach. This young man is so gifted, but I can only imagine if he came on the scene at this level 5 years ago. To Mr. Matthew I hope you understand the historic significance of a night like tonight. Your match tonight will prove pivatol in Shorbagy's career. I watched you ever so closely in that fifth game, honestly hoping that you would come back that you would hit a series of miraculous forehand volley drops. But that kid, 11 years your junior was there, on every shot. You pushed him beyond his limits and for that, I think this match will show that this is the match that will in the future make Shorbagy a great champion to be reckoned with. Even in defeat, Mr. Matthew, you are remarkable. You brought out the best in someone whose confidence in his best wasn't always there. Just brilliant, simply brilliant, the highest compliment I can pay. the torch has been passed, I think you should be proud you passed a torch with a flame still brilliant lit.


@RVAsquash said...

To be fair on the tournament, attendance tonight was more in the 50 to 100 range... in a city that is part of an early/developing market for squash & on a bitterly (& unseasonably) cold few days. This certainly could be much better (as proven by the Nth American Open held at the same venue for the last 5 or so years) - but not quite as bad as you suggest.

Squash from Delphi said...

I did a quick head count, if you were there you probably had a better view; nonetheless a ton of empty seats, but my point isn't criticism of the venue, just that I would have given just about anything to have watched that match from any of the vacant seats, it was one for the ages.