Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dashed and Bashed

This has been quite a week. Yes, I was dashed and bashed as PST Squash said, but you know it was well worth it. First off, I want to tell you that as cliched as it might be every cloud has a silver lining. I met this wonderful squash guy, named Sasha, he reminded me of someone once years ago that I got on court with and we had a most contentious match, we later became really good friends. I want to thank Sasha for reaching out to me and I want to apologize for saying he is "what's wrong with squash". He is actually, although I disagree with him on many points, what is so good about squash. We played a match, had a tough match, we played hard points, but in the end we came off the court and became friends. His emails back and forth about Mark Talbot were really something. I happened to have caught Mark towards the end of his career on the softball platform and judged him accordingly.

I respect more than anything else in this world knowledge and wisdom. As Ezra Pound said if at 50 you have no wisdom then you have nothing. I appreciate Sasha's wisdom. He is 50 and has great wisdom. The beauty of squash is it brings together on court people and players of disparate backgrounds and upbringing. Ultimately, squash is one of the few things in life that on court it doesn't matter where you came from, Greenwich or East New York, Princeton or nowhere, what maters is how you play and carry yourself on court.

I love the history of Squash and Sasha has a great sense of that history, he opened my eyes to that even more and I have such respect for that.

The point of this? This is a game that brings people together, whether on court or on the platform of something like DSR. It's a symphony, so many different instruments and players but we all want the same thing, great squash, we all want this harmony of excellence.

My son whom I consider one of the smartest squash (not just squash) people around, said that, "hey dad, you sometimes go off on a certain tangent, but I know where you are going, because I know you and you want a level of excellence that was not achieved." Not bad, it comes down to believing that we can some day put in the World Open or Olympics, if that comes about, a number one team. Let's instill results and not effort, let's figure out how we get there from here. I love this country, it has so many flaws, but it is the best last hope of anything, I want it to be number one in everything including the sport I love beyond belief -- squash!

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Anonymous said...

This is very gracious of you, Will, if wildly off the mark. I should (and do)apologize here for the very sarcastic tone I took with you, and recognize again that you write out of love for the game and not without experience and wisdom of your own.

Cheers, Sasha