Monday, November 19, 2012

Gustav Detter Puts on a Clinic at LA Fitness in Lake Success, NY

Another fantastic weekend of Squash at LA Fitness, in Lake Success, NY. When we all thought no one could surpass Hisham Ashour’s clinic last month, lo and behold, Gustav Detter comes along and by all feedback the clinic was just as good; “different,” as some players put it but everyone sure did “sweat a lot”. The clinic, two sessions, on a beautiful Sunday morning, was sold out. Detter, one of the greatest collegiate squash players ever and anchor to the legendary Trinity men's squash team, and much the subject of Paul Assiante’s wonderful book chronicling Trinity College’s historic undefeated consecutive wins (13) seasons, brought a high octane approach to squash. His drills are intense, continuous, and very instructive. I always like to ask my students what the visiting coach says about their game, technique or footwork. And when they come off the court and say, “he said something that finally clicked”, as Russ Feinberg said about an explanation Gustav had provided for his drop shot, it makes it all that much better.

The clinic was followed by an exhibition match between Kyle Jens and Gustav what a match, a fiercely contested battle with Gustav taking the match while showing tremendous grit and determination in coming back. The last two games Jens  had 3 game balls in each against him, but Gustav seemed to pull each game out with some amazing reserve.
The match drew quite a viewing crowd which is a how we show people at the gym just how great a sport squash is and hopefully garner new recruits to the game.

Coming up in January, just in time for those playing in the Grand Open regionals is a Cameron Pillay clinic, top ranked Australian player and consistentlytop 20 in the world. He comes out of the renowned Australian Squash institute with such greats as Stuart Boswell, David Palmer, and the Martin brothers Brett and Rodney.

We are hoping to host a surpirs exhibition round robin with Pillay and others. Winner in total points will take the prize. Hope to see you all at that one, , thanks, to Gustav for a great Sunday of squash. Photos and filming of the match will be posted soon..