Friday, March 25, 2011

PST Redeems Itself

I have been recently critical of some of the PST's antics (see my post from 1/21). But then, lo and behold in my hotmail account pops in the latest PST newsletter. I can honestly say I really look forward to this newsletter. I love Shahier Razik's squash tips. He is such a great teacher, his Youtube videos are fantastic, every coach should study them routinely. I watched him beat Jonathan Kemp at the TOC this year, being down 2-1 he came back and just showed why he is as good as he is and has been around so long. Anyways, technically, for those of us who are crazy about technique, he is superb, it was fun to isolate his preparation or his footwork, or positioning. What also excited me was the announcement of a pro squash league, this is a great event and should be heralded across the pro and open level squash land. Hopefully, McManus' vision of bringing pro squash to every club from here to Timbuktu in the US and truly inspiring any would-be player seeing professional level squash for the first time, will be realized. I applaud this wholeheartedly and can't wait to see this league play. I'll even concede allowing top ranked women playing in the men's pro league. And finally, to show the tour's dedication to bringing great squash and promoting good sportsmanship McManus reviews the list of latest penalties levied against players for misconduct. Player arguments and disagreements with the refs with each other with the audience with the world, the tour has recognized as the down side of professional squash. I for one applaud the reprimands for misconduct and the fines, pro squash should be a place to take your family to see these great athletes compete in the greatest sport on the planet. I used to have season tickets to the Knicks years back. Bought them when my son was born and looked so forward to taking him to the Garden. After a couple of years and listening to all the bad language, watching the fights, and enduring the whining of players for every foul, I didn't renew my subscription. And finally, in a page taken from the TOC and the Grand Open, a number of the pro tournaments coincide with the PST's amateur tournaments. I would dare say that the PST's number 1 player should have been penalized by the PSA (that other governing body) for his antics during the Muellar match in the qualifying round. No doubt, if it occurred in the PST, the number 1 player would have been reminded that no one player is bigger than the game itself.

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