Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NY Grand Open Squash Tournament 2011 -- LA Fitness Squash Shines

I was watching a lot of the professional men's squash matches at grand Central while a group of 7 from LA Fitness Squash in Lake Success, NY were competing at the amateur Grand Open and junior TOC. Some great success for these valiant students who braved some really cold temperatures to give it their all.

Congratulations to Paul Zummo, our own Tasmanian Devil, who swept through the 3.0's to capture that title. He had to face his nemisis in the semi-finals, our own John Gross, who was speechless, literally with laryngitis, after loosing. But no better person to loose to than a friendly adversary. John had already beaten another fellow LA fitness Squasher, Ali Mirza in the opening round. Incidentally Ali Mirza, made it to the finals of the consolation where he met up with Marc Schecter, another of our own. Ali had played his heart out all weekend like the warrior he is and came up short. Marc looked overmatched in his opening main draw loss to whom many believe at the club, especial my son and I, a national champion -- 15 year old Haadi Ahmad also from LA Fitness. Once Haadi learns how to play in tournaments, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Although he lost in the next round, he kept his composure and seemed happy with how he played.

In the junior TOC tournament at Streetsquash, Nicole Freedman played in her first tournament ever. She has trouble with the faster court -- courts at LA Fitness, floors are like molten lead, the ball just doesn't bounce! Against the number 1 see she went down 0-3 but her scores were respectable. Watch for this little juggernaut in torunaments to come. She is a fierce competitor and has only been playing 6 months....we predict another national champion with this one as well-- but she has to work and train harder and improve. Hopefully, she's not discouraged and encouraged to start training and improving. Veedant Kukhardia in the boy's under 15 lost...this might be a blessing in disguise. This young man has so much talent but has to decide whether or not he wants to do, and have the time, to do what it takes to win. He's another one to watch, if he takes it seriously and works really hard he will become a champion. Hopefully, he's had his taste of loosing and wants to win and do what it takes to win at this game.

opefulwe'll put even more LA Fitness squashers in the Hyder Cup or the junior and adult skill level nationals in the coming months. We have some solid players at the club, a number of which will move up in skill level over the next year or so.

With that said, my son played a great match in the quarters of the 5.5 men's division. He faced the number 1 seed and what a war. Great match to watch, he came up just a little short in the fifth game, no doubt, a match he should have won. I've posted this match video on this blog : http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZlU60J5gVo
Comments are welcomed. I've analyzed it and have my own opinion on what my son needs to improve. Your comments always welcomed and a free lesson who picks out the one major thing I think needs improvement. My son already knows what that is so he is judge of the comments.

Again, congratulations to all- -- fantastic work and let's hit the courts soon to start preparing for the upcoming events.

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